Friday, August 26, 2011

A Midsummer Night’s…

Lucky Number 7

Yesterday it was Izzy’s and my 6th year Wedding Anniversary.  We got married on August 25th, 2005 in Madrid; it was a Thursday, just like yesterday!  Thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week and I knew it was a sure sign.  Our wedding seems like it was just yesterday! 

Here’s how that special Thursday in 2005 went before we got married: In the morning, we took our guests on a walking tour of the city, stuffed ourselves with ribs and chorizo for lunch at Las Costillas, and then my sister and I decided I needed something for my hair.  Someone once asked me, “How could you have eaten so much before you got married?”  I still don’t have the answer but I can say that I cannot resist ribs and I turn into a nightmare if I don’t eat!  Who wants to be Bridezilla?  And haven’t you ever noticed that fed people are nice people? 

On the walk back to our apartment, we stopped at a florist and asked if they could make a headpiece out of fresh flowers as we saw that he was making them at that moment. 

“¿Para cuándo?” It only seems logical that he would want to know for when.
“Lo necesito ahora. Hoy mismo.”  I kindly replied that I needed it for right now and the florist nearly had a heart attack!
“Imposible.” I have never been a fan of the word “impossible”.

Apparently, the florist was on overload because of the numerous orders he had to complete for the weekend communions.  It was Thursday, in my mind and if it were my shop, I would have sold one that was already made and I would have made another in its place but that is not how it happened.  So my creative sister tells me to buy the stuff and we’ll make it.  The guy basically threw baby’s breath and wire at us and charged us nothing. 

“Buena suerte.” He said as we were leaving the store.

My sister and I run to our apartment and we braided the wire and tied in the flowers and violá; I had a handmade flower headpiece for my special day!

So here is how this special anniversary in 2011 went: We were invited by one of his co-workers to attend the HBGC’s Midsummer Night’s Art Gala at his apartment.  He lives in the South End in a Warehouse where if you have an Artist’s Certificate from the State of Massachusetts, you can live in the space and do what you wish to make it you home, art studio, etc.

I really didn’t know what to expect but I was very excited because I love meeting artists and seeing their work firsthand.  This event was to raise money for the HBGC that is only 2 years old.  One of the founders said that even if you aren’t Hispanic, Black or gay, their mission is to make the world a friendlier place and show their support, especially with so much bullying going on in the United States as of late.

I introduced myself to several people and Izzy’s co-worker introduced me to the artists and showed me all of their pieces and his pieces.  As some of the attendees were casual participants to art, he gave a nice introduction to art collecting.

Izzy arrived and saw that I had been signing the bidding sheet to outbid a guy named, “Joel.”  I decided to figure out who this “Joel” was as he was up against me on the “Lucky Number 7” by Anna Comella and who was also bidding on all of the pieces!

I see a guy in front of the Number Collection, talking to the artist and I asked,

“Are you Joel?”
“Why, yes, I am.”
“Hi!  I am Sarah and I really want that Lucky Number 7.”
“Well, so do I!”

Joel and I became friends and were having so much fun.  I finally told Joel that if he didn’t stop outbidding me on my soon to be Lucky Number 7 then I would step on his foot with my lovely high heeled shoe!  Always a lady!!  We even had the artist laughing!  We were also trying to get the other attendees into the bidding but didn’t have too much success.

Finally, bid time was over and I got the FINAL bid on the painting and we got to take home the Lucky Number 7!!  What an anniversary present!  I love the number 7!  I was born on the 7th…in the 70s, got married on the 25th (2+5=7!) in the year 2005! 

After the event, Izzy and I went to eat dinner at Legal Seafood Harborside where we lucked out and got a table right by the water!  After dinner, we had a cocktail on the lovely roof deck.

As the news is filled with updates on the Hurricane Irene, I sent Izzy out to get water and he comes back with beer!  Here is the card that my mom sent us for our anniversary and it is so perfect!

Hope that everyone on the East Coast stays safe!   

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